Find Out Why Other Ontarians Are Voting ON Food and Farming. Food and farming issues affect us all! Everyone needs to eat!  But different people have different reasons why food and farming are important to them.  Check out these videos created in partnership with Powerline Films.  You can also create your own video on Youtube or email us for more information.

Joshna Maharaj, Scarborough Hospital Chef

Iqbal Mauthoor, New Farmer

Jennifer Clark, Eat Local Caledon

Bill Redelmeier, Southbrooks Farm

Lauren Baker, Toronto Food Policy Council

Hayley Lapalme, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care & My Sustainable Canada

Yvonne Kabeya

Karen Hutchinson, Caledon Countryside Alliance

Lynn Ogryzlo, author of The Ontario Table

Ravenna Nuiamy-Barker, Sustain Ontario

Gary Proven, Farmer

Sarah Crawford, Communications Consultant

Carolyn Young, Sustain Ontario

Patrick Connor, The Big Carrot

Raili Roy, Lakehead Food Security Research Network

Daniel Hoffman, The Cutting Veg

Brian Gilvesy, YU Ranch

Ricardo Ramirez, Farm Start

James Barnes, Small Farmer

Christie Young, Farm Start

Sasha McNicholl, Food Secure Canada

David Kirkwood, avid cook and eater

Bob Baloch, Small Farmer

Debbie Field, FoodShare Toronto


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