“Think Big and Expect Better”- GPO Releases Their 2014 Campaign Platform

GPO_Logo_07Early yesterday morning, Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario (GPO), released his party’s 2014 campaign platform. The father of two, indicated that he is “on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and good public policy to Queen’s Park”. The Greens have decided to focus their attention on three main areas- Jobs, Kids and the Environment. In the platform, Schreiner briefly outlined some commitments under each of the three aforementioned areas:

1) Jobs:

  • Lowering payroll taxes on small business.
  • Investing in transit infrastructure.
  • Savings through energy conservation within homes.

2) Kids:

  • Merging the school boards into one system.
  • Reducing child poverty.
  • Implementing a Social Innovation Foundation.

3) Environment:

  • Introducing Legislation to protect Ontario’s Class 1 farmland and source water regions.
  • Ensuring Ontarians receive fair share of revenues from natural resources.
  • Close loopholes in legislation that threaten the community.

More details on the GPO’s platform can be found on their website.

Several of these commitments could impact on the future of healthy food and farming in Ontario. Does this platform coincide with your vision for the future of healthy and local food and farming in Ontario? Let us know your thoughts.

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