New Social Media Campaign on the Local Food Act

Tell Your MPPFor the last few months, we’ve been asking Ontarians to email their MPPs, to ask them to take action and support the Local Food Act. Before the Ontario Legislative Assembly resumes on September 10, we are pushing to have emails sent to every MPP in the province.

Over the coming weeks, we will be ramping up our social media campaigning to include easily-shareable educational material such as infographics to talk about the complexities of the Ontario food system, paying particular attention to the real effects that a local food act could have around health, the economy and environmental sustainability in the province.

For many, the phrase “local food” makes them think of a 100 km diet, something of a fad or a trend. However, there are many reasons that local food and local food systems have become a rising topic of conversation. It’s not only about supporting local farmers: it’s about supporting and building a greener, healthier, and more prosperous Ontario.  With increased global trade, food is has been commodified and disassociated from the ways it is produced and the effects that this dynamic has on environments, politics, health and communities. Localizing food production and processing, and making that food accessible to the local community, creates a tighter feedback loop for guiding sustainable growth across many related sectors. In this way, making local food financially and physically accessible lets local customers big and small have a greater impact on how they use their food system to support healthier populations, ecosystems, and business communities.

Supporting our local food systems – such as by creating new markets for local food, increasing food literacy, and supporting environmental initiatives in the good food sector – not only has positive effects like job creation, but also increases food security.

It’s these interconnections between the economy, health, environment and the local food system that we want to highlight over the coming weeks. We’ll be working to bust the misconceptions about local food and show just how important strengthening the local food system is. We believe the Local Food Act is a big part of that.

If you haven’t already emailed your MPP, we encourage you to use the sidebar at the right side of this page. Emailing your MPP is quick and easy, with a pre-written email you can customize and send to your MPP directly from the website. Follow our Facebook and Twitter to see and share our campaign, and to bring your voice to the conversation we hope to build.

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