Survey Template – Environment

What will you do to protect farmland and the environment within your municipality?

Specifically, which of the following strategies will you support if you are elected:

  • Work with your local conservation authority to reward farmers and landowners that implement land stewardship practices which help protect our water, air, soil, and habitats
  • Work with your local conservation authority to increase ecological growing and environmental stewardship practices on all public lands
  • Work with your planning and purchasing departments to create and implement a sustainability plan that includes the promotion and procurement of local, sustainable foods
  • Work with parks and recreation, the local conservation authority and landowners to encourage the creation and protection of pollinator habitat
  • Work with your planning department to ensure the future of working farmlands within your municipality by:
    • Planning for smart growth and densification with planning tools such as a countryside line or greenbelt
    • Balancing increased development pressures with the protection of prime agricultural lands for food and farming uses in proximity to markets
    • Considering zoning changes that increase the possibility of agricultural and related uses (e.g. on-farm processing) when and where possible.
    • Working with trusts to encourage the use of conservation easements for landowners wishing to protect their land from development
    • Ensuring that farmland severances are for the benefits of current and future farm enterprises
  • Increase green and edible landscapes by creating enabling policy for:
    • Green roofs and infrastructure on new developments
    • Urban agriculture initiatives such as community gardens, urban beekeeping, backyard hens, orchards and food forests
    • Ecological landscaping of edible species in public spaces
  • Work with your solid waste management services to increase waste diversion by supporting:
    • A comprehensive food waste education and diversion strategy for the public and businesses
    • Community composting and composting education initiatives
    • Private sector composting facilities that practice nutrient cycling (eg. grocery stores that deal with food waste on-site)
  • Work with your planning department and/or the local conservation authority to protect and promote the local forest and freshwater food system by:
    • Establishing baseline data to monitor the health of forest and freshwater food producing areas
    • Assessing municipal water course management strategies to improve freshwater food production potential
    • Consulting with stakeholders to develop designated harvesting areas on publicly accessible lands that will not be in conflict with conservation priorities
    • Incorporating forest and freshwater foods into existing local food policies in your municipality

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