Survey Template – Education

What will you do to help connect children and youth to healthy food and the development of food skills?

Specifically, which of the following strategies will you support if you are elected:

  • Support healthy food in community spaces by:
    • Examining local by-laws and policies to ensure they do not pose a barrier to healthy and local food initiatives
    • Supporting the development of a food policy framework for food literacy and student nutrition
    • Supporting recreation programs that provide healthy food education and skills development
    • Examining opportunities to improve access to healthy food for children and youth at municipal facilities such as day cares and community/recreation centres
    • Establishing an annual consultation process for student nutrition and food program champions to report on program results, identify challenges and successes
    • Working with community and labour services to increase quality youth apprenticeships and internships at local farms and farm-related enterprises
  • Support Student Nutrition Programs in your region by:
    • Visiting local Student Nutrition Programs to learn more
    • Investigating and learning more about models of Student Nutrition Programs in other communities
  • Celebrating the contributions of student nutrition programs and their volunteers
  • Advocating for all Ontario schools to run a Universal Student Nutrition Program
    • Working with local school boards and/or food and farm enterprises to provide funding for food costs
  • Working with local school boards and/or food and farm enterprises to provide funding for infrastructure and equipment for school kitchens and food preparation
  • Supporting the development of improved logistics, distribution and local food procurement practices for farm-to-school programs
  • Providing support for food skills and food safety training for Student Nutrition volunteers
    • Working with local food organizations and local school boards to support Food Literacy initiatives such as school gardens, food preparation and cooking courses, and farm tours
  • Joining or liaising with a relevant school board health and wellness, environment, or related committee that deals with school food
  • Investigating opportunities to work with unions on program development, operations and maintenance

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