Survey Template – Access

What will you do to support access to healthy food in every neighbourhood of your municipality or region?

Specifically, which of the following strategies will you support if you are elected:

  • Work with your planning and public health departments to assess and address geographic barriers to accessing to fresh, healthy and culturally appropriate foods for all community members by supporting
    • A Community Food Assessment to understand where food deserts exist
    • Community food programs and centres that promote community gardens, kitchens and healthy meal programs
    • Community food distribution programs such as good food boxes, mobile markets and neighbourhood markets
    • Social enterprises and business supports to incentivize business to provide fresh, healthy and culturally-appropriate foods (local and sustainable where possible)
    • Food banks and drop-in centres to purchase fresh, healthy and culturally-appropriate foods (local and sustainable where possible)
    • Farmers’ market voucher and/or incentive programs that improve healthy food access for eaters and support local farmers
    • Redirecting of food waste through gleaning and alternative distribution
    • Programs and policies, such as your Official Plan, to require fresh food access points in every new development and neighbourhood plan
  • Increased public awareness of available local forest and freshwater foods, their health benefits, and how to access and harvest them sustainably
  • Work with your public health and community and social services departments to address systemic barriers to accessing healthy foods such as poverty, mental health and addiction
  • Work with community and social services to ensure that subsidies offered to young mothers and infants include options for fresh, healthy and culturally-appropriate foods

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