Say Yes! to Good Healthy Food in Schools

What will you do to get healthy food into schools and the curriculum?


The Government of Ontario currently provides funding to support Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) across the province.  It is estimated that over the 2011-12 school year, close to 700,000 students participated in government supported breakfast, lunch and snack programs.  The province has since made a number of additional funding commitments following the release of the Healthy Kids Strategy.

Evaluations of Ontario SNPs have shown that meal programs benefit academic achievement and learning outcomes, student health, classroom behaviour, school relationships, and a host of other indicators of student wellbeing.  The significant efforts of coordinators, schools, and volunteers across the province are clearly making a difference.

While meals and snacks help students come to school ready to learn, these programs also offer major opportunities to bring related food literacy programming into schools. With the support of community partners, many SNPs across the province have been enabling students to learn about where food comes from, how to grow and prepare food, as well as to learn healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime.

Visit your municipality’s page to see how local candidates will Say Yes! to good healthy food in schools.

Explore the Say Yes! toolkit including backgrounders, opportunity briefs, and useful resources for making the case for Student Nutrition Programs and food literacy programming.

Are you running as a candidate for one of your local school boards?

Share how you’ll Say Yes! to good healthy food in schools in the survey below.
Want to learn more? Read these 1-page opportunity briefs for School Board Trustees & Local Government Representatives.

9 thoughts on “Say Yes! to Good Healthy Food in Schools

  1. A Trustee is responsible for Student Achievement and Well Being. Well being has a lot to do with having good nuitrition. If you don’t have a good diet the probability that you will health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Yes, 12 year olds can have high cholesterol! Unfortunately, home economics has been dropped from the curriculum. Families are busy and don’t have time to cook nutrititious meals and often don’t have culinary skills. They often rely on pre-prepared foods which contain many additives. Then there is the topic of genetically modified foods and whether they are good for us.

    Allergies and food sensitivities are on the rise. We need to get back to good basic, wholesome food and cook from scratch.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to responding to this survey request. As a retired school principal and an employee with Wellington Catholic for 39 years, I know there is a need to keep our students healthy, particularly through nutritional meals. Studies have shown that students are, in general, more successful at school when they have had appropriate meals to sustain them.

  3. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide my opinions on the importance of student nutrition programs in schools.

    Cassandra Chornoboy
    *Candidate for the Wellington Catholic District School Board-Office of Trustee (Guelph/Eramosa Township, Puslinch, & Erin)*

  4. Our Board is already doing a lot of the things mentioned in your survey. I am in favour of any initiative that supports healthy living and student engagement.

  5. This is a great reminder of how much we can do as trustees to support healthy eating in our schools. Our board is already doing much of this but we can always do more. I am proud of how far YRDSB has come over the last few years by bring Student Well Being to forefront of our decision making. As part of our Trustee Multi-Year Plan there will continue to be a focus on student Well Being. We need to ensure that SNP are well embedded in this.
    As an individual trustee I have been working with the Holland Marsh Growers Association to ensure teachers have access to their documentary The Marsh Mucker’s Tale to raise awareness about locally grown food. These partnerships can be valuable to our schools when it comes to food literacy.
    Thanks for raising awareness with this survey!
    Loralea Carruthers
    Trustee YRDSB
    Representing East Gwillimbury and Whitchurch-Stouffville

  6. At YCDSB we are already doing a lot of things to promote healthy living and school nutrition programs. Three years ago trustees set up an ad hoc steering committee to kick start nutrition programs across the Board. A staff person at the Board level acts as a liaison and resource to ensure that SNPs are supported and sustainable. But there is more that we can do to expand the programs and to increase student nutrition literacy.
    As a trustee, I represent King Township and I am very much in favour of supporting, promoting and educating our students about sustainable farming practices. In many cases the resources are on our door step, we just to incorporate them better into our curriculum.

  7. I am happy to take part in this survey and contribute my thoughts and visions for health and nutrition of school children. Student well being is key to their success and providing right nutritional food would enhance children performance and parental trust on educational programs. As an educator and also as editor of health chronicle , I find a stronger correlation for nutritional food and education and strongly support the advocacy of nutritional programs for YRDSB schools .

    sarma donepudi
    YRDSB trustee candidate, Markham wards 2,3,6
    President, Tutor on Wheels Educational foundation

  8. Belle initiative. Non seulement la nourriture est essentielle pour avoir un corps sain, mais elle l’est aussi pour avoir un esprit sain. En tant qu’élus, nous nous devons d’offrir ces deux éléments à nos élèves. Nous devons aussi enseigner à nos jeunes l’importance du bien manger et du développement de la connaissance et de l’appréciation du goût. Il faut se souhaiter bonne chance à cet égard.

    Great initiative. Not only food is essential to build a strong body, it is also essential to build a strong mind. As elected officials, we shall offer both to our pupils. We also have to teach our kids the importance of eating well and develop knowledge and appreciation of taste. We have to wish ourselves good luck in this regard.

    François Guérin
    Candidat au poste de conseiller scolaire dans la région de York (public français)
    Candidate school board trustee in York Region (French Public)

  9. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide my opinions on the importance of student nutrition programs in schools. My platform talks about how a Trustee is responsible for Student Achievement and Well Being and promoting school nutrition programs is the right step.


    Jeevan Trehan
    YRDSB Trustee Candidate for Markham Area 2 ( Wards 2,3 & 6)

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