Municipal Elections

Ontarians are going to the polls on October 27th to elect municipal representatives – mayors, regional and ward councillors, school board trustees and superintendents. Find your Municipality to learn about your Local Food Champion and see how candidates will support food & farming!

Sustain Ontario works closely with groups across the province that believe in a collaborative approach to building better regional food systems by convening a Municipal/Regional Food Policy Network.  We believe that we can collectively “make the case” for municipal governments to play a role in food systems’ work by sharing and learning from each others’ innovations, research and examples.

About the Vote ON Food & Farming Municipal Elections Toolkit

This website is a toolkit created by Sustain Ontario for food champions across Ontario to engage candidates running in their local municipal elections.  It is meant to be used as an educational tool that can be scoped and designed for the needs to each community’s needs and priorities.  It can also be a place to check back after the elections on what your candidates’ promised they would support, and a resource with which you can engage incoming councillors on food issues.

None of this will happen without you!  Food champions are needed in every community to make this tool meaningful to local representatives and voters. Visit the Get Involved page for more info!

Stay tuned to #voteONfood on Twitter and Facebook for announcements about our surveys for candidates, inspiring and informative resources on best practices and how food and farming connects to various municipal government departments, and helpful ways to make the case for food to local decision-makers.