Celebrate Local Food Week: Cross-Party Support for the Local Food Economy

This past Monday marked the beginning of Ontario’s first Local Food Week, a tribute to Ontario’s farmers and food producers. This new annual celebration takes place during the first full week of June, as proclaimed in the Local Food Act, a series of good food-focused ideas universally recognized as a way to grow a healthier future for Ontario.

With a provincial election just a week away, we’ve heard many more ideas about how good food and farming could be supported by Ontario’s new government. How do we build on the Local Food Act and other promising opportunities? We sent a survey to the four major parties to ask them about their specific plans.

Based on responses to this survey and platform scans, we are happy to report that all parties will continue to support the local food economy! Each party has committed to using the power of food and farming to grow job opportunities across the province. Additionally, unanimous support for the Local Food Act means Ontarians will still see increased purchasing of local food by public sector institutions, as well as goals and targets for increased food literacy and the Community Food Program Donation Tax Credit. We look forward to seeing all of these measures proclaimed and further developed after the election.

2014 Platform Report web preview

See what else they support on our 2014 Party Platform Report.

This new Report shares parties’ commitments to supporting healthy food and farming policies across priority areas including the economy, healthcare, the environment, social assistance, and education. You can read the parties’ responses in full on the Downloads page, alongside the original questionnaire and links to each platform. Other Vote ON Food and Farming resources include a series of “Good Food Ideas” platform asks, a fact sheet, and a variety of signs and questions for you to use in your community at debates and other election discussions.

You can also email all of your MPP candidates at once using our form at voteonfood.ca.

Celebrate Local Food Week

Visit loveONTfood.ca
: Farm & Food Care Ontario and Foodland Ontario are managing the official hub for the week’s events at loveONTfood.ca. You can share your local food news with the hashtag #loveONTfood and join the bustling conversation online to see what’s happening in your local & virtual community!

Connect with Members: Supporting a viable local food economy means thinking beyond sector and ministry boundaries. Sustain Ontario Members work together from diverse positions in farming, processing, distribution, retail, government, education, healthcare, academia, and non-governmental organizations to build relationships that will grow good food across the province. Explore our Member Directory to learn more about their innovative work.



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