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Vote ON final June 18th, 2014
Post-Election, Will Leaders Act ON Food?
After a fiercely competitive election, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals gained a majority in the Ontario legislature last Thursday, winning 58... Continue reading » FacebookAvatar May 27th, 2014
Liberal Platform 2014: What’s Planned for Food & Farming?
The Liberals have included several food and farming-related items in their recently released platform.  In addition to a few items... Continue reading » NDP Ontario May 27th, 2014
NDP’s 2014 Platform: What’s the Plan for Food and Farming?
With just less than 3 weeks until the Provincial election is set to take place, last week, the New Democratic... Continue reading » Vote ON final May 27th, 2014
Will Party Leaders Support Food and Farming in Ontario?
Provincial cross-sectoral alliance asks political leaders about how they will commit to strengthening Ontario’s food and farming system  ... Continue reading » PCO May 20th, 2014
The “Million Jobs Plan”- What’s in the OPC’s 2014 Platform?
On the heels of the GPO’s platform release was the Ontario Progressive Conservative’s (OPC) announcement of their 2014 platform. Last Wednesday... Continue reading » GPO circle logo May 14th, 2014
“Think Big and Expect Better”- GPO Releases Their 2014 Campaign Platform
Early yesterday morning, Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario (GPO), released his party’s 2014 campaign platform.... Continue reading » Logo_cropped150X150 June 10th, 2014
NFU Asks Voters to Examine Candidates Stances on Agricultural Issues
Guest blog by the National Farmers Union- Ontario Spring Election 2014 The National Farmers Union – Ontario is an... Continue reading » Priorities_scorecard150x150 June 10th, 2014
Green Prosperity releases Scorecard
Guest blog from GREEN PROSPERITY: Parties missing link between environment and economy, survey shows Toronto, ON – The health of... Continue reading » Debate June 5th, 2014
2014 Ontario Elections Debate: Where does food and farming fit in?
Ethics, energy, job creation, managing deficit, transportation and education were the publics’ chosen top matters of concern for the... Continue reading » VoteON_nonstransparent June 4th, 2014
Celebrate Local Food Week: Cross-Party Support for the Local Food Economy
This past Monday marked the beginning of Ontario’s first Local Food Week, a tribute to Ontario’s farmers and food... Continue reading »