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Wayne Roberts community garden picture (from Facebook 2012) October 25th, 2014
Collaborating on Food: An Interview with Wayne Roberts
"To make progress easier, faster and benefit more people sooner, we need to go beyond lone individuals -- that's... Continue reading » Preston October 24th, 2014
Creating Dialogue around Temporary Farmers’ Markets and Community Gardens in Waterloo
Food Spaces, Vibrant Places Thanks to a group of committed Waterloo Region community citizens and Sustain Ontario member,  Waterloo... Continue reading » Credit: October 23rd, 2014
Growing Local Economies with Good Food
There is a wealth of opportunities for local governments to evaluate and enable the impacts of economic drivers rooted... Continue reading » communityfoodsecurity October 22nd, 2014
Public Health Heroes
We don’t live in a particularly healthy society: despite a rising awareness of healthy eating,  the prevalence of diet-related... Continue reading » County-outlines-composite October 21st, 2014
Over 150 Municipal Candidates Declare Support for Food and Farming
Candidates connect with local stakeholders on opportunities to strengthen Ontario’s food systems, develop regional food strategies Across Ontario, over... Continue reading » Vote ON final June 18th, 2014
Post-Election, Will Leaders Act ON Food?
After a fiercely competitive election, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals gained a majority in the Ontario legislature last Thursday, winning 58... Continue reading » FacebookAvatar May 27th, 2014
Liberal Platform 2014: What’s Planned for Food & Farming?
The Liberals have included several food and farming-related items in their recently released platform.  In addition to a few items... Continue reading » NDP Ontario May 27th, 2014
NDP’s 2014 Platform: What’s the Plan for Food and Farming?
With just less than 3 weeks until the Provincial election is set to take place, last week, the New Democratic... Continue reading » Vote ON final May 27th, 2014
Will Party Leaders Support Food and Farming in Ontario?
Provincial cross-sectoral alliance asks political leaders about how they will commit to strengthening Ontario’s food and farming system  ... Continue reading » PCO May 20th, 2014
The “Million Jobs Plan”- What’s in the OPC’s 2014 Platform?
On the heels of the GPO’s platform release was the Ontario Progressive Conservative’s (OPC) announcement of their 2014 platform. Last Wednesday... Continue reading » GPO circle logo May 14th, 2014
“Think Big and Expect Better”- GPO Releases Their 2014 Campaign Platform
Early yesterday morning, Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario (GPO), released his party’s 2014 campaign platform.... Continue reading »